Genre- Mystery, Action, Supernatural Horror



In Kim's everyday middle school facade, she is faced with relentless figures of malice on a daily basis. An alcoholic father and abusive school-mate prove too much to handle at times; leaving her emotionally vulnerable and tempted by her hate. Things never seem to improve, until a new girl transfers to her school. This girl, Tansu, becomes a new ray of hope for Kim as they find something in each other they both lacked; friendship. 

However, when her life takes a turn for the worst, she discovers a dark entity. This mysterious being offers her a deal, one that would give her the power to take revenge on those that hurt her. Walking the fine line of virtue, she must try to survive as this ever-present shadow entangles her in a web of darkness and demons, which only seems to grow as new information surrounding her mother's death and her father's own dark past are revealed.

Amazon Reviews

Alan Heron

5 Stars

 I first discovered this book from the author's YouTube channel some months ago, and was quickly endeared to his enthusiastic presence and delivery in his videos. It was after seeing them I learnt he'd written a book, promising blood, gore, action and so much more. I personally read mostly crime, thriller and murder mystery, but once I started to read I was quickly hooked. The author has a good summation of the narrative and where he wants the story to go. The lead characters I found easy to relate to and the various setting and subtext were awash with intrigue and suspense. I fell in love with the cast of characters, and there turmoil was palpable in part, due to the author's graphic storytelling and colorful language. My fingers were mere stubs of their former selves, I just couldn't wait to find out what happens next. I felt a maelstrom of emotions throughout and was sad to see it end. I can't wait for a sequel and to see what else this talented writer has devised. There is even merchandise from the book, complete with characters designs, bios and other affects, which goes to show how much time and effort the author has put in. At vengeanceofficial.com there is heaps more to find including a soundtrack to the book. If you love anime, tragedy and horror you'll love Vengeance! 

Samantha Ehrhart

5 Stars

 I first purchased and read this book about a month and a half after its release. I had just recently started watching the author's YouTube channel when he had put a link to his book in one of his videos, talking about how he was so excited it was finally ready for people to read. Let me say, coming from a person who is NOT an avid reader, this book was so gripping that I found myself not being able to put it down! I know many people throw that phrase around a lot, but it lives up to it by how easily it entertains and captivates your imagination. You develop a connection and emotions to all the characters and what they struggle and go through. I remember getting caught multiple times reading it at work while I thought my bosses were not around! From the first couple of pages to last chapter, it throws you into the action and has your eyes flying through the pages, wondering what's gonna happen next?! I don't know why more people haven't read this, but it deserves more love that it's receiving. If your not so sure about purchasing it outright, I know he has the first chapter narrated on his YouTube channel AH Linkin. He has a website for it too at vengeanceofficial.com. This guy has worked his butt off and you can tell! You won't be disappointed! I cannot WAIT until his next book comes out!! 

About the Author

-Chris Ulm-

Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved to create. It started with standard pencil drawings and gradually expanded to digital art, writing song lyrics and poems, photography, and making videos for the internet. However, in all my time spent doodling and filming, I never once thought that I would write a book. Let alone a small series. 

I’ve always been inspired by the video games I played and the anime I watched. Real life to me is boring, and I find escapism and delight in immersing myself into these other universes. I feel alive as i go on these adventures with the characters.  People don’t understand how powerful these games and shows can be. They made me who I am today. A guy who wants to create as much as he can and leave something behind. Something that proves I was here, that I was somebody.